Thank you to our sponsors and guests for participating in our second annual Atlantic Canada Learning Summit for Vietnam in 2021! 

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Experience what it is like to Study, Work and Live in Atlantic Canada.

If you are interested in attending a Canadian University but need to improve your English level, consider Atlantic Canada Language Academy for your English studies. At Atlantic Canada Language Academy, we have developed partnerships with several Canadian Universities and Colleges to ensure our students have a broad spectrum of choices when it comes to completing their undergraduate degrees and diplomas.

Our partners have established programs in Business, Engineering, Education, Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, Nutrition, Science Communication, and much more. Atlantic Canada Language Academy staff will help you make the best choice of school based on your field of interest.

Our University Pathway Consultant will liaise with your university, help you with the application process, and answer any questions that you have about going to university in Atlantic Canada. Our Pathway Program is ideal for students whose academic grades meet the requirements for their desired school and program, but whose English proficiency does not meet the University or College’s required level. Through this program, we will work with students to improve their English proficiency so that they may be granted acceptance to the university program of their choice. The unique aspect of this process is that students are not required to complete an English Language Proficiency Test at the end of their studies at Atlantic Canada Language Academy, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Our university partners have granted our students this courtesy based on their trust in our thorough curriculum, our established programs, and our professional and experienced teaching staff. Atlantic Canada Language Academy’s respected reputation among its partners drives us to surpass others in our field. We know that this determination will ensure we prepare our students to an exceptional level, so that they may begin their university careers with the confidence to excel in their studies.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Thank you / cảm ơn bạn to our team, partners, and participants for an incredible event that we collectively hosted in Vietnam on December 20th, 2020. It was our 1st Atlantic Canada Learning Summit, held simultaneously in-person in Vietnam and live on Zoom with our Atlantic Canadian partners. We are looking forward to many more successful events!

TY 🙏 

Atlantic Canada Learning Summit 2020 Photo Gallery