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Antigonish, Nova Scotia


Ranked #1 – Best Reputation in Canada (Primarily Undergraduate) Maclean’s Magazine 2020

Ranked #1 – Helping Students gan skills & Knowledge for employment – MacLean’s Magazine 2017

93% Student Satisfaction


3,858 Full-time (undergraduates)

74 Full-time (graduates)

940 Part-time (undergraduates)

489 Part-time (graduates)


Liberal Arts, Climate Change, Environment, Political Science, Philosophy, Woman’s Leadership for Global Change.

St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) has a reputation as one of the finest undergraduate universities in the country and has consistently been ranked as the #1 undergraduate university in the country by external publications and surveys. At StFX, you will receive an academic education of the highest quality, focusing on intellectual and spiritual development, global awareness and a commitment to social justice.

StFX offers extensive programming options – you’ll love the flexibility to follow your heart in the selection of courses as you find your distinct and unique route to success. Small class sizes foster lively debate and discussion where your professors inspire you to achieve. You will be part of a thriving academic environment where community involvement is expected and encouraged.

Students choose to study in Canada for many reasons, including the vast beauty of our large country, our multicultural society, safe communities, and affordable education. StFX welcomes international students with open arms and provides them with many resources and supports to help make the adjustment to studying in Canada. With a large selection of programs spread out among Arts, Business, Education, and Science, there is no doubt that StFX will be the perfect choice for you as you move forward with your academic education.

To learn more about St. Francis Xavier University (StFX), please visit their website at https://www.stfx.ca/

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