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Fredericton, New Brunswick


The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB) is the leading advocate for tourism issues in the province of New Brunswick. As a representative and industry driven organization, the Association provides leadership and direction, working with partners and stakeholders at the Provincial, Atlantic and National levels to ensure the continued success of a competitive, progressive and sustainable business environment, fostering health and sustained growth to the New Brunswick tourism industry.

TIANB’s mission is to be the advocate and voice of tourism in New Brunswick, leading with integrity and dedication. Through adherence to six principles, TIANB accomplishes its mission, and fulfills its commitment to members. These principles are:

  • To exist as an organization driven by and for its membership
  • To provide proactive and consultative leadership
  • To be representative of all geographic areas, tourism sectors and New Brunswick’s two linguistic groups
  • To enhance cooperation between partners
  • To offer products and services of value to its members
  • To perform as an agent for change within New Brunswick’s tourism industry


TIANB remains at the forefront by:

  • being a strong voice for the tourism industry in NB
  • providing relevant information and networking opportunities to its members, shaping and sustaining a vision of tourism
  • working to promote tourism as a career and therefore, contributing to reduce the labour shortage in the world’s fastest growing industry
  • offering a wide range of nationally recognized training programs and services
  • offering valuable benefits that can help reduce the operating costs of running a business.

TIANB tackles every issue by following a few simple principles:

  • By working closely with our members
  • By establishing solid partnerships with key stakeholders
  • By defending our industry’s fundamental needs
  • By having a short, medium and long term vision
  • By making sure our results match our objectives: One Clear Stand, One Clear Voice!

Our core activities evolve around:

  • Advocacy and Leadership
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Inclusion and Direction
  • Shaping and Sustaining a Vision of Tourism
  • Consultation and Communication
  • Annual Events
  • Making the Tourism Industry’s Voice Heard
  • Priorities and Relevance
  • Training and Professional Development for better Recruitment, Retention and Productivity
  • Working towards reducing labour shortage

To learn more about Tourism New Brunswick, please visit their website at https://tianb.com.

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